Top 9 Rasons Why Kissing will Make you Healthier

The info graphic busts the prevalent myth surrounding the (alleged) unhealthiness of kissing in a reader-friendly and informative manner. Thanks to the piece, we now know that apart from its obvious emotional boosting functions, kissing has got some serious health benefits too!

The entire infograph has been done up in an attractive combination of black-and-gold which is perfectly in sync with the bold theme up for discussion. The topic has been duly supplemented with several pictures of couples engaged in passionate kissing (it can be mentioned here that the shots chosen are moderate in their passion-quotient; with nothing too scandalous or in-your-face that can distract the common reader reading the article). The image that is particularly notable is the large silhouette of a couple, in black, engaged in a warm embrace. The images perfectly complement the points mentioned.

The entire information has been neatly arranged in conspicuous points-format, which quickly engages the attention of the reader. They categorically point out the myth and bust it, which is capable of invoking surprise from the reader. The sub-headings have been done up in shades of green which offset the gold of the background and there are blue detailing that gives the feature a stylish get-up. To prove that the info is not pure bluff, the writers have supplemented the facts with statistical data and research material.

kissing infographs