Top 5 Water for Best Health

This infographic presents information about which type of water is the best for your health.


Being an infographic meant to spread awareness and instant knowledge to the audience, the infographic is designed in a simple yet professional manner that would make it easier to pass on the information for which it has been designed. Though not an item to be used for official use, the design is totally professional and has bold separation lines that help to easily distinguish the information provided. Not only that, the heading is simple and bold, that will attract the attention of the audience.


The information provided is differentiated into five different columns, each column dedicated to briefly explaining the source and purification of each type of water before they reach our houses, followed by the benefits of each type. The source and purification process is explained sequentially to provide necessary info to the layman. Only the necessary details have been included, and a complicated procedure has been well summed up in a few images. So, the presentation of the information in this graphical piece is accurate and concise.


The structure is good for inclusion in magazines, reports, brochures, leaflets, flyers and other such modes of advertisements that are good for vertical shaped formats. The shape/structure wouldn’t fit regular slideshows, website sliders, etc. It is also suitable for informative websites and blogs but not for the trendy ones where vibrant looks and creative infographics are an important attraction.


While the other features attract appreciation, the color combination isn’t quite up to the mark. It is not likely to attract attention easily or urge the casual readers to go through the complete information provided. The combination of sky blue and azure makes the images look less attractive and boring as well. This is a downside of the given infographic.

Infographic about types of water