This is What DIY Lice Removal is Costing You

This infographic is based on a topic which is very common among families and among children, but a simple topic has been explained with seriousness and supported by many facts. The image is divided into three parts and the first part contains the heading and an image of a child irritated with the problem. The heading is quite big in size with an extra highlight on the word “lice” and that too in red color just to attract the attention of the reader. The background color of this part is white which is giving a good base to red color and the picture of the child which is, too, in red color.  

The second part deals with the costincurred by the people due to the lice problem and is supported by facts whichare presented in a very imaginative manner. The pictures supporting the factslook good and cute. Each picture leads to another one and the dotted linesperfectly direct the reader to look for the next point or fact without losing concentrationwhile reading. The financial facts like cost data are highlighted in big fontin red color again and the various uses of color in this page actually hold thecuriosity of the reader. The total minimum cost is presented in a blue stripwhich automatically attracts the attention and is written in quite a big fonteasily visible to the eyes.

Finally, in the last section, the solution to the problem and the total cost for the solution is presented completing the whole picture. The background is in red color with blue and white fonts presenting the final data. The name of the Clinique is put into the top and finally at the end with contact details. Overall, this is an easy infographic with simple presentation.

lice infographic