This is What CBD Salve Can Do For You

The given website link directs the customer to a page that is used to sell CBD salve. As soon as the web page opens, the customer is greeted with the picture of the product being promoted along with the special characteristic of the same. The product details have been listed in bullet points which help the customer to grasp the most important features of the product at one glance. However, there is only one picture of the product and there is no picture that shows the product in use. This might be detrimental in the sale of the product as the customer might not buy the product on the basis of a lack of information.

On further scrolling, the website has provided a lot of information about the product such as the ways to apply, the compounds present in the product and so on. There are a number of attractive pictures that help the customer grasp the important parts of the content within a short span. The picture used not only livens up the web page but also maintain the attention of the customer. The additional information part of the web page also allows the customer to know more about the product such as the weight of the product along with packaging and the weight of the actual product that the customer will be able to use.

The font used is comfortable for reading and the color of the text is dark brown which complements the sap green color background of the webpage. The size of the text is not very small and allows the customer to read through.

Overall the webpage does a great job of promoting the product that they intend to sell. There is a lot of content to read, but that is made up of with the use of several pictures.

cbd salve infographic