These Are the Risks of Vaping

The following infographic is about the risks associated with E-cigarettes.

Saffron, orange, white and blue colors are used on the title page as well as the rest of the pages. Saffron is used for highlighting the main topic of the article, with the text of the main title being written in white color. The rest of the colors are used in writing and designing the overall title page.

The color and font choices are good; as they make the text easier to read. Furthermore, the inclusion of graphics also helps in understanding the topic better. However, the depiction of a bearded man smoking a vape in the title page is incorrect; because young adults having an average age of 19 are targeted by the e-cigarette company JUUL.

When we scroll down further, we can see a figure depicting the working of a vape. The outline of the figure is made of blue and the parts are described in Saffron. The background is also made in light blue color, making it easier to focus on the text. The only problem is the use of an incorrect word ANATOMIZER, which should have been written as “AN ATOMIZER” or simply ATOMIZER.

Further scrolling down, we can see the use of good graphics to depict things like human lungs, statistical information, symptoms of vaping, health risks, etc. The font choice makes it easier to understand what is written and goes along with the background color. However, some of the statistical information is depicted in the forms of graphs which may be a bit difficult to understand.

The layout choice is also good, as it is easy to understand the information which is being conveyed.

Overall, this infographic is good looking and easy to understand. It just needs correction in text and graphics in some places.

vaping risks infographic