Smoking VS E-Cigarette: Let’s Compare Both

The given web link redirects us to a website that presents the different aspects of adopting the E-cigarette as a part of life. The first impression of the website is very good and as one scrolls down, one will be very impressed with the layout and the overall design of the website. The website uses three main colors throughout the site- black, white and green, this is probably because these three colors have been used in the logo as well. In some cases, a lighter shade of black or gray has also been used. Except that, there is no other color present throughout the website.

The website has made good use of pictures and informative templates to make the website extremely attractive all the while delivering a lot of important information. The first part of the website has a number of pictures that show the disadvantages of smoking and the advantages that using an e-cigarette has over these disadvantages. A very good picture has been used to establish the fact that smoking harms every smoker and it is not easy to quit. However, the use of vaping helps people quit smoking faster than traditional methods such as nicotine gum and other therapeutic methods.

The website also uses different pictures to show how quitting smoking helps your body heal and grow stronger. The only disadvantage of this web page is that there is no actual text than can be read. Every small piece of text has been incorporated into a picture. While the use of pictures is commendable, the picture to text ratio is not good enough. The different web pages that can be accessed from this webpage have been listed very clearly on the top of the webpage. The logo of the company has also been placed right in the middle of the header.

smoking vs ecigarette infographic