How Much does a Healthy Lifestyle Cost?

We all make excuses for ourselves when we backslide into a diet of burgers and junk food by saying that it’s cheaper to maintain. Between dollar-menus, cheap soda, and expensive organic foods, it makes sense, right? However, you CAN eat healthy even on the tightest of budgets. For example, the typical cost of a home cooked dinner is only $3.58. Compare that to a burger chain combo meal which can set you back as much as $7. Sugary sodas and fake fruit drinks also add up quickly. A can of beer or a frappuccino is more than 3 times the cost of a glass of water!

It’s also worth noting that though the quality of our food intake is an important part of living healthy, exercise plays a key role too. The average cost of a gym membership is only $38.13 – that’s much that what you would pay for a cable tv subscription. Check out the infographic below to encourage yourself to make that lifestyle change.

This work uses flat colors to display the information in three main sections, making it easier to digest and understand. The font of the body content is quite thin which is a bit of a downside when the font size is small like in the case of the food names. This is overall a visually appealing piece that is quickly to read and able to deliver the message in an effective manner.

healthy lifestyle info graphics