Let’s Talk About Bariatric Surgery

The infographic features some very vivid colors, making the reader eager to read what it is all about. The title is large enough to read, but the rest of the details need enlargement of the display to read. Upon enlarging, the presentation runs over the entire page making reading even more tedious as you have to move left and right to read the texts. Ability to zoom into different sizes would have served it better so every reader can get a size that is comfortable for the eyes and does not require too much effort.

The first section talks about Bariatric surgery types mainly represented by large images of the stomach. The images are clear and clearly named so anyone reading would know what a particular surgery entails. Next are the benefits which are done in a comparison kind of style. On the left are the health problems experienced by an obese person and on the right are the benefits enjoyed after the surgery to improve the health issues.  In between the issues and benefits are simple images relevant to them and this creates balance in this section. In the background is an image of an obese person creatively done so it does not overwhelm it in any way.

The colors used in the second section are beautiful and very enticing to the eyes. Red, pink, purple, different hues of blue, green and yellow are applied strikingly making the section very interesting to read. The font sizes are also big enough for comfortable reading and the style remains simple and very formal.

In general, this infographic is very easy to read and understand. It does not contain too much information that can be confusing. Any reader would easily read through and understand the basics of Bariatric surgery.

infograpic about bariatric surgery

Source: renewbariatrics.com