Learn a Few Tips to Ease your Back Pain

The infographic on Tips for Back Pain Relief aims at teaching you ten different methods to heal your back pain.

Content: As many as ten different points are there, so you know every strategy that you need to adopt and every point that you need to keep in mind. Starting from sleeping postures to medicines, everything has been explained so that you do not miss out on any of the aspects.

The writer has used a fun-to-read style which attracts the attention of the readers easily. It will also help people to remember the steps easily.

Illustrations: The illustrations by the side of each point elaborate the points and even if you do not have the time to go through each point, you may at least have a look at the sub-headings and images to have some idea.

Even a few wrong postures have been illustrated so that the readers can easily differentiate between the postures and know which one is better.

Use of Colors: Different colors have been used for the different steps and this makes it look bright and attractive.

The Style of Writing: The portions containing the subheadings could have been better. Black texts on white background appear dull. However, they maintain a contrast with the colors used in the background of the main texts.

The fonts used in the sub-headings as well as in the main texts are not catchy enough. Catchier fonts could have been used to make the infogram more attractive.

Source:  The source from which the information is taken has also been mentioned at the lower portion. So, if someone is interested to know more on the topic, they can refer to the link for more.

These are the different features of the picture that need to be discussed.


info graphic design about back painSource: inversiontableguides.net