Learn How a Dental Implant Procedure Works

This infographic talks about the procedures present in a dental implant. Besides being informative, it has a good design and theme. What makes it more detailed is the definition of the dental implant and the brief explanation about the various parts present in the implant.

Another interesting aspect of the information given is that there are necessary definitions of certain terms related to dental hygiene. Also, the background selected looks attractive but still a better interactive and rich color can be used like purple, orange, etc which can really highlight the necessary information.

Furthermore, the subheading added for each of the steps involved provides a great amount of importance to the content and the instructions. It provides a brief description of the various procedures involved and makes the steps easy to understand. Besides attaching simple clip arts, the infographic can have live images of people having toothache or dentist who is working on the root canal. It will provide a more importantance and realism to the content that is displayed.

Along with the basic procedures involved, there could be content or information which specifies on how the tooth loss occurs and how it can be prevented. Plus, along with a single procedure, there can be a brief explanation about the other methods involved in handling or combating tooth loss. More attractive fonts can be used to highlight the informative details. Even certain important words or procedures could be underlined to signify the importance of those words in the given context.

Besides these major drawbacks, another important aspect this work lacks is the source detail. It is necessary to specify the source details or the websites from where the information was retrieved and condensed. Certain information like the steps could have been shortened and only the major procedures could have been highlighted. Overall, no doubt, the information presented is informative but still, a more attractive design or color could have been used.

informational graphics about dental implants

Source: arthurglosmandds.com