Some Interesting Numbers About Sex and Love

The blue, red and pink colors selected for this infographic create a warm atmosphere all around it. It is one that attracts reading effortlessly and considering that it is all about interests typical of Valentine’s Day it is bound to attract lots of interests. It is basically about exciting statistics about love around the annual event and also offers very useful tips on sexual health. The colors work very well together and are carefully selected considering that pink and blue are the colors associated with girls and boys consecutively whereas the red color is the color of love and passion. They therefore together manage to create an interesting theme to the entire display.

The presentation has five sections, all of which bear clearly splashed titles so it is very easy to tell beginning and ending of each. What stands out about the titles or headings for the sections is the love hearts structured as start and ending for each of the title. They work as very good breaks and remind the reader that the piece is all about love. The titles are in caps and in very good fonts that are easy to read and very comfortable on the eyes too. The soft colors selected also add to the readability of the texts; it is highly unlikely that any reader would get bored or lots reading through the presentation.

Speaking of texts, this display is not overwhelmed by texts. It is actually true to say that the texts are minimal, precise and to the point so a quick read is achieved. Numbers within the texts and phrases that are important are all highlighted so they attract the eyes and make the statistical sense they are supposed to in the mind of every reader.

There are lots of images on the piece and it is inevitable for the eyes to first be enticed to go over them before reading through the texts they represent. Fortunately, they are well-balanced in the display and they do not create any unnecessary distractions for the readers. They are also creatively sized to fit into their relevant sections perfectly well.

Whereas all the sections are creatively done in terms of balancing the images and their texts, the second part of section four is a must mention. This part has its points presented as pin-ups. It is not every day that you see such and it provides an impressive turn from what you would expect in a display. The last section of the piece is very sensitive as it touches on a matter close to most men. It is about erectile dysfunction. Whereas it somehow seems out of place and comes unexpectedly, men suffering from ED might find some encouragement here and decide to seek help to improve performance and boost their self-confidence.

This infographic is not only beautiful and attractive, but it is also useful, interesting and very easy to read too. It attracts and maintains the attention of the reader from beginning to end and offers some knowledge at the end of it all.

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