How To Improve Your Mental Health When You’re Self-Isolating

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a lot of difficulties in the daily lives of people all over the world, including several mental health issues. This infographic presents five ways one can improve their mental health during their self-isolation period.


The layout is straight-forward. At the top, one can find a clear, eye-catching title that introduces the subject.

Each one of the five ways to improve one’s mental health in self-isolation is presented in a different section, in the form of a number list. The headings in these five sections represent those five ways.

Below each heading, the reader can find some more information in the form of text. In the sections where this text is longer, one can also see a relevant embellishing image.

At the bottom of the artwork, one sees an important note and a list of the websites the information was gathered from.


The artwork’s design is rather simple and minimal. The images that are used throughout add a fresh and modern touch.


The easy-to-read fonts and the color make the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader. At the same time, the fact that the five ways are presented in the form of a numbered list further boosts its readability.

Some of the different sections contain rather long text descriptions. However, the big images that are included improve the artwork’s overall look-and-feel.

The headings in the beginning of each section clearly describe the five ways one can improve their mental health during their self-isolation period. This means that the readers can quickly and easily get all the information they need, without having to read all details in the text descriptions.

Final Thoughts

The infographic succeeds in providing the required information in just a few seconds.

infographic about the ways to improve your mental health when you are self-isolating