High D-dimer Levels: What are the Causes?

This infographic presents information on D-dimer. More specifically, it aims at explaining what a D-dimer is and what the causes of its high levels are.

Design and Layout

The layout is simple and straight-forward. At the top, one can find a clearly written title that introduces the subject. Right below, there is a short explanatory text that contains information on what a D-dimer is.

The information is split into three separate sections. Each one of them is introduced with a heading at the top.

In the first one, the reader can find information on when a D-dimer level is assessed. The second section contains some relevant statistics. Finally, the third section includes a list of the things possibly leading to high D-dimer levels.

In the first section, one can see a numbered list that is embellished with relevant eye-catching images.

The second section contains four interesting statistics on the topic, and also includes relevant images.

The last one presents a list of the causes of elevated D-dimer levels. A horizontal line separates each one of the causes from the next and previous one.

The artwork has a modern look-and-feel. The images and several elements used throughout make it friendly to the eye of the reader.


The infographic’s simple layout helps one easily go through all information. At the same time, the embellishing elements further boost its readability.


The infographic succeeds in presenting some interesting and useful information in a simple, yet appealing, way. It is friendly to the eye of the reader. At the same time, it helps one quickly and easily go through all information.

infographic about the causes of high d-dimer levels

Source: https://www.dxsaver.com/d-dimer-test-cost/