Heart Attacks and How to Prevent them

This Infographic is not just informative but is visually very appealing and easy to comprehend. Here are the design features of this infographic that allows us to spot and absorb the information effortlessly –

  1. Graphics: The use of the heart shape to show the highest deaths in the 3 countries was a very smart tactic. Other illustrations such as the Map, the ECG line and the use of dots were all brilliant.
  2. It highlights all credible data and statistics: A lot of facts and figures have been highlighted in red and blue colors, which makes it easier for the viewer to decipher the information. Even the topic has been rightly placed on the upper left side which explains the infographic on one quick look.
  3. Effective Hierarchy: The information has been laid out in a proper hierarchy which is a pleasure for the reader. First you see statistics on death due to heart attacks, followed by reasons, symptoms, prevention and finally achievement.
  4. Right size: The infographic is not cluttered with too much information. Every detail is put across in the right amount and with the use of interesting illustrations. These make the infographic very attractive.
  5. Pleasing and limited Color palette: The colors used are not too bright to disturb reading and neither are the colors too dull. Since the topic is on heart attacks the use of red was a smart choice. The use of other colors like blue, white and black gives the infographic a balance. The right combination of colors and the limited use of colors make it eye-catching.

This infographic has been given a simple yet powerful design which is what is required for the target audience. There is a perfect combination of the visuals and the written content, which is the most striking feature of this infographic design.

Infographic about heart attacks

Source: hcg-corporate-designs.com