Freezing has Never Been this Cool

This design communicates the message very clearly and it takes the reader very less time to interpret the message. There is an excellent narrative; the problem is addressed in the beginning and eventually the viewers are taken to the available solutions.

The processes have been represented beautifully step by step with clear division so that there is no cluttering. The layout is impressive since everything is displayed neatly and all the elements are arranged at the right areas.

The design has lots of illustrations and graphics which are necessary to explain the topic. The illustrations are big enough to impart the message. The human figures, medicines, syringe and other elements make it a very informative design.

The use of minimal colours is another striking feature of this infographic. Only blue and black colours are used. The blue colour makes it look very cool and the black texts stand out. Some of the words are presented in capital letters and some are highlighted in different colours to make it catchy.

All the fonts are also of the same style and only vary in size. The title is in a large and bold font which grabs attention instantly. There are lots of data present in this design but it does not look crowded since there is a lot of white space in it.

Overall this is a very interesting design and well-presented. The designer has taken care to carefully arrange all the data and include enough space to make it beautifully. The hierarchy provides an excellent narration and the colours are pleasing to look at. So I would give this infographic design a thumbs up.

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