Foods that Help Combating Stress

With almost everyone across the world being affected by their hectic lifestyle and excessive stress, extensive studies have been conducted on ways and methods as to how to relieve stress. This infographic deals presents to you the top 5 foods that can actually help relieve stress and help boost overall wellbeing.

Design – This info graphic has a very simple design that is neither too bland nor too attractive; just good enough to make it an easy read for the readers. It has five broad sections, each dedicated to one food that helps relieve stress. The design is a classy type with no unnecessary frills. Basic images and fonts have been used.

Presentation – The presentation is very straightforward and neat. Each broad section includes the food name, image and the benefits that the particular food offers. Moreover, a short, relevant nutrient content chart has also been included with each food item that’s included in the list for the easy grasp of the readers. Everything is presented in brief, and the reader will need only a quick glance to understand the information provided in this informational graphic.

Structure – There is nothing extraordinary about the structure of this info graphic. It’s rectangular and can be used on various types of websites, blogs, help and support forums, communities and groups and even on social media. It is a good help for those looking for valuable information and also those who want something light to read.

Color – Only a few colors have been used to develop this info graph. Nothing too shiny or colorful. Very basic colors – just enough to ensure that the info graphic doesn’t look too bland and the readers can easily grasp the information at a single glance. Not ideal for those who are looking for overly attractive material for their website/blog.

cool data visualization about stress busting food