Differences Between Dental Restoration Methods

Every time you visit your dentist, you are advised to get some work done and most of the time you are not really sure what things need to be done and what all options are available for you. If you have always felt this turmoil in regards to dental care, this infographic here gives you the breakdown on the fundamental restorations. It highlights the basic dental care treatments based on the price factor too – which is from the least to priciest ones.

Design & Layout

The design is kept very simple yet appealing, as it uses the images of tooth which perfectly matches the theme of the infographic. The text fonts are easy to read and stand out in the entire image. Each restoration has been explained in a box format, which suits the breakdown structure. There are two primary colors used for the image, which is both pleasing to eyes and in sync with the layout. Overall, the design structure is pretty impressive.


From content point, the image has put up a great show as it has all the needed information in regards to dental care and the required restorations. It gives you the complete guide to dentistry, and highlights the basic difference between commonly misunderstood terms such as filling, inlay, onlay, crown, and implant. Each of the restoration terms have been explained in a short and crisp manner that actually helps you in deciding the most needed restoration for your teeth. Not just the content, the structure and flow is also impressive as the differences have been explained in the most subtle and comprehendible manner.


The infographic addresses a very common yet the least known about subject. Dental restoration are always confusing, but with the content as provided here, it becomes clear and easy to understand. Designed in a simple manner, the image puts across the information remarkably.

best info graphics about dental restoration

Source: rsfdentist.com