Could Chocolate Possibly be Good for You?

That chocolates fall into the category of health foods is a fact that the modern world is slowly waking up to. This infographic is a delicious document on how chocolate has risen from the ranks of a gooey dessert and emerged as a top health food option.

The infographic opens with a clever shade of chocolate on chocolate, using a border of various shapes of chocolates to launch the tantalising question of whether chocolates are good for us. It then moves on statistics where it breaks down the goodness of a 20g serving of good dark chocolate. The graphics that follow are carefully arranged to bring out the contributions it makes to healthy diet.

Depictions of various ingredients like fibre, fatty acids. Antioxidants and magnesium are listed one after the other with artful graphics leaving a strong message about the goodness of wholesome dark chocolate. In each of these slots, whether its fibre or fatty acids, the infographic tells us in detail what to expect from each ingredient.

Instead of just mentioning the positive ingredients, the infographic mentions in detail how every good ingredient helps us. For instance, the visual of the bread helps us reckon that the fibre contained in chocolates will help to improve digestive system and act as a barrier against diabetes. The other helpful ingredients like potassium and good fatty acids are glorified each with a brief mention about their ability to control cardiovascular and bone health.

The final visual of dark chocolate and its contribution to a happy mood is aptly depicted with a picture of the exultant lady. This visual actually serves as an inspiration to those who want to consume chocolates but shy away from it thinking whether it will spark laziness. The final mention to caffeine, theobromine and other healthy components which act as mood boosters are a great parting shot and serves as a reminder that a dark chocolate is definitely a great health food and has great benefits.

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