The Chronic Kidney Disease in America

This infographic provides information about kidney health in America. It particularly presents statistics on the number of adults suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease and the number of the ones who are likely to have Chronic Kidney Disease and not be aware of it. It explains what the specific disease is, how it can affect the patient’s body and what needs to be done in its later stages. Additionally, it gives data on the average annual medicare expenditures, while dividing the patients in different categories according to their disease stage.

A big title at the top helps the reader quickly understand the subject that is presented. The given information is clearly separated in four parts and the lay-out allows for visualizing this information in a few seconds.

In the first part, one can find an eye-catching number, which indicates the Chronic Kidney Disease patients in America, and a picture with human figures, which suggests that this number corresponds to one out of seven American adults.

The additional adults that possibly have the disease are indicated in the second part, once again by a distinctive number. A graph demonstrates the two conditions that are most likely to be linked with the disease.

In the third part, the reader can find more information about the Chronic Kidney Disease, its effects and the treatments a patient needs, in order to be able to survive a late stage kidney disease.

The last part is also embellished with a graph, which demonstrates the average annual expenses on medicare made by non-end-stage patients and late-stage patients, compared to the highlighted expenses made by the average medicare recipient.

Although the combination of the bold pink background color and the white or whitish shades of the texts and other elements can be significantly tiring to the eye, the overall structure of the infographic is nevertheless good, and the reader can quickly understand the topic under discussion.

infographic about chronic kidney disease in america