CBD 101: All You Wanted to Know

This infographic informs readers of what Cannabidiol (CBD) is and its health benefit. It gives a  vivid meaning to the compound and the various issues it helps with, including anxiety, stress, insomnia, muscle inflammation, depression, and joint pain. It also states the amount to the taken, when to take it, and the best way to take it.


The design of the artwork is pleasing to the reader, with various images and pictograms to keep the reader interested. The picture of the product at the top of the infographic is perfect as it first captures the reader’s attention, making them read further. The combination of the white background and the dark shade of blue was also ideal, making the infographic easily readable. The mixture of green in the infographic also gave it a soothing feel.

The font styles used in the infographic were perfect as they complimented it correctly, and the font size was also right, making the work readable without taking up much space.


The infographic layout is simple, and one piece of information comes right after the other moderately, not overwhelming the reader. The pictograms were picked, and their placement was also perfect, as they helped increase the infographic’s readability.

The infographic also had sufficient spacing, making it easy for readers to quickly skim through and find the exact information they wanted. The constant spacing in the infographic also gave it a structure.


The font style and font text used in the infographic increased its readability. Furthermore, the font colors used – white on the blue background and black on the white background, as well as green ticks to complement the plant diagram – blended perfectly, which also increased its readability

Final Thoughts

The infographic is visually appealing and gives the readers the required information easily

CBD 101 by Good Rays

Source: https://www.goodrays.com/blogs/journal-tagged-inspiration/goodrays-cbd-101-infographic