Breast Augmentation Guide and Facts

The infographic under consideration has been specifically designed to impart basic knowledge and information about breast implants amongst women. It covers all the essential facts and statistics that would be necessary for women or their well-wishers to know.


The design in context is minimalist, and no unnecessary elements have been added to attract the attention of anyone and everyone. This implies that its main purpose is to spread the information amongst women without being preppy. It may not have the typical official look, yet the design is meant for serious reading.


The work includes all vital facts that any woman willing to opt for implants would like to know. Not only that, but the simple presentation also makes it easier for naïve women to understand how they can benefit from breast implants and if there are any long term or short term implications. Basic images and designs have been used to represent the facts as well stats and reviews. Thus, it is a valuable source of information that one can rely on.


There is nothing out of the blue about the structure of the info grafic. It has a simple rectangular structure, and the entire thing is divided into different sections, each dedicated to a particular aspect of breast implants. The usual structure makes it good for semi-formal and casual use. Like, it can be used for online fashion and lifestyle magazines, informative blogs, awareness forums, and even on social media.


The few colors have been used on the white background to create this piece. There is no overuse of colors and any use of color that has been made is very basic, just meant to highlight the facts and make it easy for the reader. It is, thus, good for casual reading as well as for someone who is looking for some valuable insight into the matter.

breast augmentation infografix