What are the Benefits of Medical Training?

I must say, a lot of work has been done in this infographic. But honestly, it did not grab my attention as a viewer. As in why would anyone want to read something where so much writing has been used? Maybe it needs this much of writing but we can also use less or fewer words to express the writing and deliver it to the audience. Next, the color of the info graphic, a lot of colors have been used and it makes the whole look very thronged. They could easily use two to three colors to express what they had to through the writings. Colors are important but that does not mean use all the colors and make something look so thronged…

Also, many 3d images have been used in this visual which seems to me wrong again because there are already so many write-ups and on the top now there are the images. This has made the visual image of the info graphic to look so packed up. It seems there was no space to write anything more.

Now coming to the numbers of the visual image, they are written in red which is clever as this is something related to medical and the sign of the medical is designed as plus in red, so in this case the choice was correct.interesting data visualization about medical training

Source: dorsey.edu