How do Alcohol Affects your Body

The design is packed with interesting bits of information related to mental and physical effects of alcohol, but is it visually appealing? Let’s find out …

The graph lacks a comprehendible layout. The information is scattered all over the chart and it is tough on the eyes while reading the chart. The layout is very confusing and lacks a narration and hierarchy. This prevents the design from capturing a person’s attention especially of those who have very less patience!

However, the design does have some positives. Take the graphics and illustrations for example; a lot of graphical elements have been used to show the various emotions and body parts. The use of such elements breaks the descriptive contents thereby reducing the clutter.

The design is also very informative, which fulfils the primary purpose of an infograph. A lot of facts and figures have been provided. The use of different colours to highlight different pieces of information makes it easy for us to get hold of the important facts.

The font style is almost the same but they are all in different sizes. The important data are either in bold or bigger fonts. Some of the data are also enclosed in boxes. There is a proper division in different areas which helps in demarcating the heaps of data.

The colour palette is limited and is pleasant to look at. There is a very limited use of bright colours. But the colours are not very dull either. The use of blues and whites along with pops of bright shades here and there make the design lively. There is also plenty of space between the texts and illustrations. As you know space is a very crucial element in an infographic. And this one has lots of space which prevents the design from looking cramped.

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