Acne Face Map: All You Need to Know

This infographic is a very good compilation of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. This supports readers to analyze their problems with the properly defined image along with symptoms and their cures.

Design: The designing is very good which is defining every face zone with the problem body is going through. Each issue zone has been defined in a very unique and attractive way. The appropriate use of color and division of information’s makes presentation a success.

Colors: The minimum use of colors and definite use of color in highlighting the required content makes it very attractive. This allows user to go through it once and analyze it thoroughly if they are going through any kind of related problem.

Image: The single use of image in this is giving a lot of scope to enter text. However, a single image has done its task very perfectly, where every issue point has been defined to make the reader understand easily while reading the content after referring the image.

Content: Content is arranged very innovatively by making different sections. Apart from that, the font size and style is very appropriately chosen. It helps the viewer to read the content without stressing their eyes.

Visibility: The subtle use of red color is giving a new life to the content and makes the reading easier. Overall, the complete page is very appealing for the reader to go through the every defined zone for acne face map.

Appeal: It makes the reader feel good with the appropriate use of color, font size, and style, and image. It doesn’t make reading feel that anything has been overdone in this.

Overall Analysis: After analyzing the complete page, it becomes very easy to say that everything is arranged perfectly in this page. It has the charisma to hold the reader till the end of the page.

acne face map infographic