The 7 Steps for a for a Porcelain Veneer

The infographic looks informative as well as attractive. One of the interesting aspects of the infographic is the color combination which is simple and elegant. With the usage of two colors white and blue, it brings about a standard view and attractiveness to the infographic.

Even though the infographic talks about the creation of porcelain teeth, still it lacks certain pictures attracting or depicting the information about the dental hygiene. It could have more photos or snaps depicting or showing people suffering from lack of porcelain veneers.

In addition, the infographic doesn’t provide a deep description about the factors causing porcelain veneers, what it is and why it is necessary. A little more information about why we need to use porcelain and avoid using other aspects is not discussed. Plus a brief history of how porcelain is created, what is its advantage is missing.

Plus each of the images used doesn’t clearly express on what is porcelain how the model is created or shaped is not clearly shown in the picture shown. A better picture depicting what porcelain looks like, how it gets the required shape, and the end product or final porcelain will provide a clear image to the person who is viewing. Even though the sentences are brief and concise, still it lacks the proper definition and procedures. A little more information about the procedure involved, how the porcelain takes shape can be added to make the information more meaningful.

The fonts describing the procedure is in white color, but other attractive and bold colors like red, pink, yellow, or green can be used to highlight the information. Also, the infographic lacks the source from where the particular information is taken. In addition, the last image of the smiling face looks incomplete with a quarter of it going out of the graphic design about porcelain veneers