5 Vitamins and Minerals That Will Boost Your Immune System

During the past months, the importance of maintaining a strong immune system has been widely recognized. This infographic aims at introducing the best vitamins and minerals that can help one keep their immune system

Layout and Design

At the top one can find an eye-catching title that presents the topic under discussion.  Right underneath, the reader can see four paragraphs that further explain the subject. The paragraphs are separated in three different columns, which makes the specific part easier to read.

Moving on, one can see six images. The one that is placed in the center represents some important vitamins and minerals, and the five images around it refer to where these can be found. This information is included, given the fact that supplements should be taken on top of a balanced diet, and not instead of it.

The list of the five best vitamins and minerals that help boost one’s immune system is given right below. It includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc. Every one of these vitamins and minerals is presented in a different column, with a heading at the top and a detailed description underneath.

In each one of the descriptions, the reader can find information regarding the specific vitamin or mineral, as well as the main sources for each one of them.

Final Thoughts

In a glance, the length of the texts that are included in the artwork could discourage someone from going through it. However, the title and headings help the reader quickly and easily get the idea and the infographic succeeds in presenting some very helpful information.

infographic with the vitamins and minerals that will boost your immune system

Source: https://www.caterquip.co.uk/blog/infographic-the-5-best-vitamins-and-minerals-to-boost-your-immune-system/