15 Quick Tips to Build Muscle

A clearly explained design is what I have to say about this one. Loved the layout; it is so beautifully spread out with a different sections for explaining each step in muscle building. The sectioning of the entire design is very helpful while reading through the design especially since there are lots of information provided in here.

As you can see the design uses a lot of graphics and illustrations, in fact, I have not come across any design that has used so many of the graphic elements. Beginning at the top where a faded illustration of two muscular arms is put to imply the topic in a witty manner. And the remaining sections are followed by pictures of various food products and activities to talk about the solutions and tips.

The colour combination is also commendable; although a lot of colours are used it does not look too much because of the right combinations. The browns, mustards, black and white all come together to create a visually appealing design. And each section has a different background colour as you seen there is black, brown and white. This is also a clever strategy to make it look good.

As mentioned above this infographic contains a lot of data, however, the use of the right fonts in the right sizes and colours, makes it a breeze to read through them. The important data and the headings and subheadings have a bigger font size and some of them are represented in different colours than the rest of the text.

Space is also an important element and this design has sufficient space which prevents cluttering especially since a lot of elements have been used in this design.

This is a great work which looks terrific and has a great balance.

graphic design charts about muscle building

Source: testxcore.com