12 Tips to be an Eco-Food Revolutionary

This work has been designed in a very simple manner that anyone can relate on the message that is being conveyed.

The piece features images of different types of fruits such as bananas, wheat and oranges. From these images, it’s easy to tell that this design champions the need to consume natural food and not fast food or manmade food.

It has also been designed with different shades of colors such as black, great and colors from the fruits and trees. The words have also been written in different colors- white and black so as to highlight important information and to create an attractive contrast with the background.

The message of the clean environment, the tree and the tractors sends a clear message of the design directly to the audience. In addition, too much words in an infographic creates monotony, but in this one, they have been written and framed in a way that a person feels interested about eating natural food.

The entire piece has been made with a number of designed, plus the words have double background of both colors and images, and this adds a new feeling to information. Also, it has been arranged in section, and as you can see, each section is well designed with information conveyed in the simplest words possible.

Every element of this image carries information that is very easy to decipher. In addition, the design catches the attention of anyone who reads it and conveys the theme of the message effectively. Lastly, each section of the design has a sub title with illustrations. These illustrations are effective enough to draw the attention of the reader to the main topic.

At the bottom of the design, there is also a plate with two pieces of pancakes and some liquid that not only makes the design interesting, but also creates humor.

ecofood infor graphics

Wishing U Well