10 Healthy Foods you Probably didn’t Know About

The visual image of this infographic is very basic but with a lot of class as far as seen. The whole of the background is in white, which is a very good choice and it soothes the eye especially for the ones who are a bit aged you see. This can also be said as a clever choice of the color too because the other colors are now more visible to the viewers. Because of the color of the background the products in the visual image will be clearer to the viewers. Now coming to the numbers and texts of the visual image, the font used is Calibri body. This is the most used font ever. But this has not put the visual image into any kind of boredom or under negativity. Rather this has created ease for the viewers to read on easily and comfortably.

The color selection of the texts are also very basic, but a very clever choice indeed. I say clever because this is about healthy foods and what color other than green can best describe the term ‘HEALTHY’! The color black has also been used, which is again a good choice because black on white background cannot be compared with any other combination indeed.

Now coming to the overall look of ut, the pattern is very well set for the visual image. The numbers and the pictures are coordinated in the criss-cross pattern which is very chic and gives a very nice look to the whole visual image. Because of that pattern, this info graphic is looking very basic and sterling. Sometimes it is very important to keep things basic and still look extravagant.

cool data visualizations about healthy food

Source: mealdeliveryexperts.com