10 Facts About Your Teeth

This beautiful infographic throws light to ten interesting facts about teeth, which have not been discussed before. Firstly, the color themes used in this infographic are marvelous and should receive a lot of appreciation. In the beginning, the background is light blue in color which is similar to the sky and as we move further downwards, the color becomes darker and is somewhat similar to navy blue. This color theme and the fonts are ideal for the topic of discussion. In the beginning, the heading is highlighted using a bold uppercase font with dainty stars in order to exaggerate the importance. The main heading gives a clear idea about the engaging content which is present ahead.

As the topic says, there are ten different points highlighted in this infographic. All the points are stated through a circular picture representation. All pictures are bordered with dashed yellow lines that satisfy the job of engaging the minds of the readers. The overall presentation of information is mischievous and generates eagerness in the minds of the readers about what would be the next piece of information. Each picture is also given a short and suitable title, which is also highlighted in bold. There is a short description of the picture and the title, which brings in a high sense of clarity about the topic.

In the end, a bunch of sources is also listed out which tell the readers about the actual sites which offer the contents and information mentioned above. The overall look and feel of this piece are soothing and generates a sense of curiousness in the minds of the readers. The descriptions used are short and crisp and the readers would not feel boring while skimming the page. The pictures used have served their purpose to the fullest making it be very interesting to read.

infographic on facts about teeth

Source: https://www.elmhilldentistry.ca/10-interesting-facts-teeth-infographic/