Where the 2020 Budget is Going to Be Spent

This infographic reveals the truth about where exactly all your tax money goes especially when you hear about the Government spending confounding amounts of money.

It depicts in a crystal clear manner where all that money goes from the white house. It does so by incorporating relevant pictures with proper labeling. The layout is also appropriately set so as to include all the different sectors that they seek to show without too much crowding so that it is easy to comprehend with a simple skimming of the infographic. It shows the flow of money to each sector, which gives the reader a better understanding of the topic and exactly how it works.

The total amount to each sector is also mentioned which gives a better idea of the infographic’s central theme. However, this could have been included in a clearer manner with different formatting to draw attention to it.

This definitely contains parts that are attractive to the readers with the use of pictures and animation. However, a good portion of the infographic is rather monotonous and lacks formatting and highlighted text which renders the information rather uninteresting.

This is short and concise which makes it easy to read and comprehend though it lacks enough formatting. The important points have been clearly highlighted which draws the reader’s attention to them. The information that was aimed to be transferred to the public has been clearly stated giving the reader a good idea as to what the main issues are.

This can be made more interesting by the addition of color and pictures in the latter half, which is devoid of anything that captures the attention of the reader. The text is color-coded to signify what kind of information it seeks to portray.

Thus, it has a good layout as a whole, but just lacks a hint of appeal.

tax money infographic

Source: lawsuitlegal.com