What’s the Reason for the Low Homeownership Rate in the US

This infographic is a very long one that explains why millennia are not buying homes in the US. The article basically intends to educate the reader with the facts and figures that summarize the situation and makes the reader accustomed to the data and then provide reasons and causes that have led to such a situation.

The color scheme used in the document is well thought out, it seems, as it keeps to green all throughout and this shade just reminds the reader about dollar bills. Slight variations and other factors also highlight the use of this green shade through the document with a slight combination of other shades from around the visual spectrum.

The layout could have done really better. As of now it follows a flow structure with each section one below the other and has its own background color to set it apart. Each section contains a header, some illustration and a good and big paragraph of explanations.

The design does not do the document justice as it totally pulls down the content away from the reader. Naturally, the highlights are stolen by the illustration which does a poor job at conveying the matter to the reader at one glance. The content stretches on as well with no consideration as to how legible or navigable it is for a quick glance point of view.

The length of this document could throw off causal readers and quick readers, but it might prove useful for readers who are intent on finding out what’s going on.

Overall this seems to be a fine piece of work with a lot of underutilized opportunities all around that tend to get the reader tired of the reading. The font is too hard to read and it does read some emphasis to convey the importance of the matter.

homeownership rate infographic

Source: mortgagecalculators.com