What’s the Best Use of a Life Insurance?

This infographic is short probably because the fonts are tight together and small in size. Whereas this design probably works for the size, it robs it off its readability. Even after enlarging it, it is still very difficult to read the fonts in each of the sections; you are only able to comfortably read the title and the subtitles but as for the information carried you must really struggle. A dull shade of yellow and gray are the major colors selected for the presentation. Whereas information carried in the yellow colored parts is at least readable when you are not as close to your screen, the gray areas are simply difficult to read. Maybe more zooming abilities would have done justice to the presentation.

The images selected for each section are quite simple, but unfortunately they do not serve in telling the reader what the section is all about before reading. Better and more appropriate images would have made more sense in this informative presentation. The designer has however done a commendable job making the sections seem like they are sewn up onto each other.

This is indeed an infographic that has been approached with simplicity in mind, but it fails a great deal in attracting and maintaining reader’s attention. It may contain very helpful information about whole life insurance, but very few people would spend time struggling to read through the small fonts against colors that are overwhelming for the eyes. It would have worked better with different colors, images and font sizes. If it was possible to zoom out a little more, maybe the effects would be positively different. Its short nature, however means that it is not likely to be boring to readers who just want to pass through most important details regarding the topic.

infograhics about life insurance

Source: wholevstermlifeinsurance.com