TOP 5 Investment Ideas for Low Budgets

This design does not give me any reason to complain even once; it is very attractive thanks to the bright colour and the glittery background.

The layout is what I love about this design. I haven’t come across any infographic with this type of layout, so this is something fresh for me. All the data is compactly categorized and placed at the right points which makes it easy and comfortable for the reader.

Talking about the choice of colours there is a very limited use of the colour palette, in fact, this is the first infographic that I have seen with the least number of colours. The background is set in bright green, and the text are all in white except for a few text at the bottom which are in black. Less is more in this case because the design looks absolutely stunning.

The texts are all displayed in the same font with the difference in the sizes. The title and the name of the organization are in bold and are comparatively bigger than the rest of the text. All the 5 ideas are also displayed in bigger fonts so that viewers can get the gist in a single glance.

I have stressed the importance of space in graphic design, and this one has followed the rule. There is plenty of space here, and this makes it look less cluttered although there is a significant amount of text present.

The graphics and illustrations are also minimal yet classy and the designer has refrained from using the boring pie charts. The illustrations clearly define all the 5 ideas and the arrows are also helpful in making the design readable. All the content are put inside boxes which is a clever way of demarcating the content.

Overall a great design, I loved it.

Investment ideas infograhics