Title Loans for Famous Cars (part 2)

It is concerned with the options of a number of cars shown in the graphic that are available on loan funding. This loan has also been written on the names of the different cars along with the other necessary information. Here is an honest review of it.

The design:

The most important aspect of info graphic is its design. The design is satisfactory. The creator goes for choosing segments divided between the cars and the helipads being offered by the company. The layout is fine as it succeeds in explaining the motive with its made. The design is supportive and satisfactory.

The content:

The content has been selectively charted out. The uniformity between the content has been made so that it is easy for the reader to get on the flow and carry out finishing reading it to take a decision about the same.

The fonts:

The use of headings, subheadings and the content is fine. It is capable of being read by the reader from a normal 25 cm of distance. However, there could have been adjustments to make the sub sections content font look a bit larger. Anyhow, it is approved of the way it is made.

The background:

Usage of green color in the background gives it a dark look, but the usage of light color in the areas where the content makes it adaptive to the human eyes to read the characters in a more comfortable manner. This is the key of using the perfect combination of colors. Without knowing, it affects the visual cues of our mind and makes us ready for reading content or rejecting it. Things that are colorful are more likely to be read than the black and white and small boring fonts which do not fulfill their purpose of being written.

information graphics about famous cars

Source: 800loanmart.com