Title Loans for Famous Cars (part 1)

This infographic has been made with the aim of providing the reader with the information about the loan available on the cars listed. The graphic embarks upon people reading the graphic and turning to the company in order to increase sales. Does it really becomes successful at it or fails? Let us check.

The design:

It is not a comparison that has been made, but there are a number of cars that are explained in the graphic along with the loan details. Each subsection is dedicated to a car and its details. The design is quite fine, but it could have been a bit more different and space could have been used to make it look more attractive to the eyes.

The writing style:

There is no writing style seen as such here as there are some facts that are laid out. Not much of creativity or personal writing skills were needed. The content has been provided properly.

The fonts:

As for the font style, it is good and wisely chosen. Going with the font size the headings are also chosen satisfactorily and the subdivisions are okay. Again, it gives an impression that the usage of the place could have been made in a much more better way than the existing one. The fonts could have been bigger so that they can be more easily seen by the reader and the eyes do not strain. Another positive point about using big fonts is that anyone passing by would also notice the graphic at least once.

This visual cue in their minds could make them look for the whole graphics and read it. This increases the audience for the graphics and opens up new possibilities for the company to get new customers that are happy to be served and catered to.

Source: 800loanmart.com