These are the Odds of Becoming Rich

The first thing that struck me while going through this design is the beautiful hierarchy in placing the information. It is absolutely clear and the message is very easy to grasp.

All the pieces of information are displayed largely in graphics with minimal use of text which is another attractive feature of this design. You can see the illustrations and graphics are very simple and at the same time they are very effective in communicating the message. The designer has made use of plenty of illustrations to explain the points which is very useful for the customer. Even an amateur person can decipher these features due to the use of simple and proper graphics.

Now talking about the fonts; there is uniformity in the font style which is very appealing for a reader. The title is in a big, bold and colourful font, which catches a person’s attention instantly. All the important data and statistics are also displayed in bold fonts. The use of patterns in the title text is also a unique feature.

The colours are also very wisely chosen; the title has a bright orange colour which works well against the pale background. To prevent the infographi from looking dull, the design has used hints of bright coloured illustrations which make the design very lively.

The topic for the infographic is very deep but the designer has cleverly communicated to the audience with less text. This inforgraphic has displayed all the vital information very elegantly without any cluttering or stuffing.

The presence of sufficient space is also a brilliant feature. Sometimes designers make the graphic design charts very stuffy with lots of texts and sometimes with lots of graphic elements. But you can see here that there is sufficient spacing and a proper demarcation that makes it very convenient for a person to go through the info graphic.

Infographix about the odds of money