The Four Best-Performing Stocks

This infographic aims at summarizing the four best-performing stocks among those that were recommended by analyst researchers during the past twelve months.

The topic is given at the top with the help of an eye-catching “Best Stocks – Top Recommendations” title. The word “Stocks” is highlighted, which makes it even easier for the reader to understand what kind of information they are about to see.

An image of a bull knocking over a bear also draws the readers’ attention here. The bull represents the bull market; the one that is on the rise; The bear stands for the bear market, where stocks are declining in value.

In the next section, one can find two short paragraphs that further explain the topic under discussion. This section is embellished with some logos of famous stocks and the brands’ logos, as well as two arrows suggesting a stock’s trend.

Right underneath, there is a frame with a quote related to investing on stocks from Warren Buffett, as well as an image of his portrait. Another inspirational quote is included at the bottom of the artwork.

In the section that follows, the reader can find the list of the four best-performing stocks among the various recommendations made by analysts.

Each one of them is presented by their name, stock symbol and brand logo. Under the logo, the reader can see when the specific stock was recommended. Right next, the reader can find the stock’s returns from the date they were recommended until now. A short paragraph gives more information on the rise of the stock’s value during the specific period.  Each stock is separated from the next one with a horizontal line.

In conclusion, the straight-forward layout and the smart design of the infographic allow for the reader to quickly and easily access the information that is presented. 

infographic about the best-performing stocks