The Complex US Tax System Explained

A rich vibrant blue has been selected for this infographic and it makes it look quite modest and professional. Neon green, yellow, pink, blue and orange are used especially on the charts in different sections of this display so there is a clear variation from one point to the other. They together, add character and interest to the entire display but they do cause a little strain to the eyes, especially if you focus too much on the areas they represent. It is nonetheless a very colorful and beautiful presentation.

Looking at the title, you expect some ugly truths to be revealed and this creates interest such that anybody would be attracted to read through it to find out what these truths are. This is a long infographic with a total of ten sections. Whereas they are all spaced in such a way that reading is easy, lots of space seems to be wasted; it holds important details in few words but presented in such a huge way. Maybe it is because of how important tax matters are and the aim is to make sure readers do not miss out on any point that is important.

The graphics are well done most being charts; pie charts and bar charts. Section five is a must mention because of how it is structured. It is a step by stepĀ guide to filing for a tax refund. The eleven steps are presented and guided by a line that meanders from the right to the left, hence following is only easy but fun as well. The steps are also clearly numbered so there is no confusion whatsoever.

This display delivers the message in a beautiful manner. It is structured in such a way that it does not become boring at any time and the complex tax topic is delivered and understood easily.

informational graphic about us taxes