Stats and Facts about Salary

This infographic is a crisp and concise representation of a survey which, otherwise, is very quantitative and time-consuming to analyse. Below is a brief analysis of the features that makes it easy to understand, visually appealing and effective for decision-making:-

  1. Colours: The design uses a combination of three to four colours which are subtle and pleasing to the eye. The colours i.e. green, grey, yellow and black, chosen are apt given that the target audience of the design is corporates, management and working for the population. The various shades of green used to highlight the numerical data also add to the appeal.
  1. Symbols and Graphs: The design uses different kinds of graphs (pie, bar and line) and symbols (used for gender) effectively. The scale used to represent the quantity is accurate which helps in the quicker assimilation of data. The symbols and the font size used to show the quantitative values are in-line with the chart size and not overwhelming.
  1. Headings and Titles: The idea of having a question as part of the title for all charts is very effective and innovative. The headings and titles are short and appropriate for most charts, though it gets a little verbose at certain places. For instance ‘Are you satisfied with your options for getting to and from work, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with them, or dissatisfied with them?’ could have been shortened to ‘How satisfied are you with your options for getting to and from work?’ to make it more impactful.
  1. The flow of information: The design is well organised, and the information is laid out in an orderly manner with proper segments depicted by the small yellow dashes. This makes it easier to process the information. The infographic uses a logical flow of information by giving the demographic of the survey sample first i.e. gender, age, job profile; followed by specific workplace related questions.

Overall, the design is simple, neat and effectively conveys the results of the survey to its target audience.

interesting data visualization about salary