Stats and Facts About Toronto Housing

This graphic review is going to be objective in its approach. It is going to represent the true and fair view of the graphic so that the reader gets the material that is worth reading and understanding.

For being a graphic to be comprehensive, the following points are required to be inbuilt:

The content:

The content of this graphic is the main part of the graphic. This is what the idea that is to be conveyed to the readers. The use of tables and maps make it helpful and easy for a person to understand the statistics in a proper manner.

The font:

The font has been used in almost the best possible way it can be used. The size of the heading is readable to the normal human eye and the heading is capable of making the readers stop by to read what the graphic has to address. This is what font size is used for.

Pictorial representation:

This is possibly the area worth mentioning even when it is a part of the content. The use of traditional paragraph ways to present data or bringing such data in points would have made it monotonous and boring for the readers to understand the idea, but with the use of years, tables and catchy heading the graphic looks appealing.


The main outcome of a graphic should be that more and more people should revert back to seeing the graphic. If that happens, a graphic is appealing and this one for sure is appealing. So the point has been done justice to.


The graphic has been made with a lot of efforts as it can be seen in the graphic. The areas that should have been focused on are aptly focused on the creator. It is certainly going to attract traffic and more and more people will read the graphic.

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