The Rising Cost of Living Across the World

The color: There is plenty of white space. And the designer has stuck to the palette of light and mild colors, which is actually very pleasing visually. The use of a limited color palette makes the infographic readable and stunning. Also a suitable color combination clubbed with a minimalist approach makes it quite appealing.

The Layout: This graphic about the rising cost of living did a good job depicting the topic in a hierarchical order and using the data points in suitable sizes so that the reader can navigate through the infographic easily.

Fonts: The font sizes and styles are limited, which is the right way to design a good infographic. Too many diverse sizes and styles can confuse the eyes. The important data and statistics are shown in bigger fonts so that the reader can comprehend the story in a single glance.

The Graphics: Although there is a limited use of graphics, the ones used have been depicted cleverly and in some instances it is witty. The one shown in the beginning along with the title was a good idea.

Content: There is too much content stuffed in this the graphic, which does not make it very appealing. All the other features and elements are displayed appropriately. The stuffy content is the only drawback of this work.

It has a brilliant design with the use of the right color combination, right font styles, font sizes and proper hierarchy. If not for too much of data, this infographic would have got a thumbs up.

Cost of living infographic