Is It Really Free? How to Spot Real Freebies

The infographic has been designed in a colorful and catchy style, making it seem to the reader as if he is going through the pages of a comic book. The spuriousness of the freebies offered by different companies and how they actually profit from it have been clearly depicted.

• The images of different products that are claimed to be “free” make the infographic quite interesting.

• The different strategies used by the entrepreneurs to make money by giving the customers a false notion that the product is free have been integrated into a flowchart, thereby making it very easy to understand.

Pink and purple are the two colors that have been used for the major portion of the infographic.

• The customer or the user who is shocked to learn that what he had considered to be “free” is actually not so, has been presented in the form of a cartoon over here. This is too funny and adds to the comic factor of the infographic.

Words and phrases written in capitals and accompanied with exclamation marks make it interesting for the target audience.

• The pictures are suitably used with the content and illustrate them well.

• Presented in a humorous style, the infographic actually conveys a very important message which the buyers should be aware of. Instead of making it seem like serious advice, it has been presented in a lighter way and this makes it more appealing to the readers.

• The font style and size used and the background are suitably chosen.

Buyers are often misled by the so-called freebies offered by various companies. The infographic is successful in its purpose of making them understand the different reasons for which they cannot be considered to be free.

Infografic about freebies