Is CPF Investing for You?

This infographic is done with very dull colors which are not at all attractive to the eye. Not many people would be attracted enough to read through the dullness even though the topic is very important. The title is big enough to see and read, but again the initials will only make sense to those who already know about the Central Provident Fund that saves for retirement. The yes and no keys right below the title do not instantly make any relevance until one has read a good portion of the presentation.

The first section is meant to help readers determine whether they can invest in CPF or not. This has been using yes and no questions presented in a flow chart so that readers drop down to the right place in determining whether they are ready for the investment or not. Whereas the flow chart is very creative, it would have been executed better to make it interesting and functional in leading readers to where they belong.

The table in section two is better in terms of guiding readers on what they can invest in considering they have qualified for the fund. The fancy bold fonts make the section a little more interesting to read and this is made even better with the brief details regarding the investment options. Readers are able to quickly go through their investment options without difficulties. The last section on applying for CPF savings use is the shortest and okay in terms of delivering the message, although it lacks clarity about the application process.

The infographic would have been designed better so it is attractive and manage to maintain attention considering that the information it contains is very important. It, however, does serve the purpose for those interested enough to learn about investing in CPF.

CPF inforgraphics