How Trump Won the Trade War With the Help of Pigs

This infographic is unique. It is made to put across serious information in a light manner. At the first look, it looks like it could be straight out of a child’s storybook. However, the contents give the reader a reality-check and a world-view that is not at all as playful as the design looks.

The topic picked here is relevant and it conveys the message clearly without boring the readers. The information is short and sweet and the fonts used are not jarring to the eyes. There has been a focus on a single aspect and the information is not vague. The data presented has value.

The way the text is presented is different from how the data is presented. This one infographic uses several types of graphs, charts, and characters to paint a picture. It caters to all kinds of audiences who may be interested in one form of data or the other.

The tone of this piece is friendly and fun. In a way, it is even humorous. It can be presented in a business setting, but the seriousness it might carry is questionable in such a scenario because the presentation style does not give it gravitas.

The text has been structurally arranged with proper, clear-cut separations of sections. The chronology of events has also been presented well. This form of presentation makes it easy to stick to the tone chosen and to help viewers go through it fast without any difficulty.

It communicates quite a bit of information in an efficient and effective manner, but this form of visual representation of data could be overwhelming for someone who is not used to seeing so much going on in one piece of content.

This is the type of visual information that can be shared through normal channels of conversations rather than a professional setting (like a meeting), because it does not have a very formal look to it.

trump trade war infographic