How to Avoid Having Your Bitcoins Stolen

This is a well written and well-presented infographic that explains and clarifies the small things that most users have to be aware of about the topic.
The two dimensional artworks or graphics used throughout the work could have been more simple as they drive unwanted attention towards themselves instead of the content and they also look quite intensive that it takes away the flow of the read.

The color scheme used is quite intriguing and could have been better. Although it doesn’t look awkward either. It’s okay to go along with but it is not exactly the perfect match. The blue doesn’t go well with the rest of the colors.

The layout used is really perfect and it does the page real justice. Each of the content is placed really neatly and given due importance that it deserves. The titles, the section headers, the content, the images and the design. Everything has its own space and all goes really hand in hand with each other. This brings about a nice harmony among the elements of this poster.

The designs are also pretty cute and go well along with the rest of the elements in this piece of work. There could have been more fillers in the background than leaving it plain solid color. But that’s completely up to the creator. This is good by itself as of now.

The content is pretty widespread and covers almost everything there is to know. At some point it might look, there’s too much to read. But the categories into which the content is split up makes it a lot easier for the reader to navigate and skip to the right parts that they might be more interested in reading.

Overall, this is a fine piece of work with great layout and well put content furnished beautifully with alignments and designs.

bitcoin protect infographic