Some Facts and Stats About CJR

Unless you know what CJR is all about, it is not that easy to grasp what the infographic is all about. The title is however in a bright red color that screams ‘read me’ hence it is definitely the very first thing that becomes noticeable in this presentation. The first and second sections are largely taken up by images compared to the text details included in them. This makes the sections a bit overwhelming for the eyes and it is not as clear to tell what exactly they are talking about unless you take a considerable length of time to evaluate the images in relation to the subtitles.

The last section which talks about the payment method and what lessons it has to offer, then makes it clear that the infographic is meant for physicians and hospitals and not necessarily patients. It has quite a bit of information, but then again the image accompanying the info is not that easy to comprehend even though it is keyed quite well. As for the fonts in this presentation, they are comfortable enough to read with ease and the size of the graphic is well balanced; not too big and not too small.

Apart from the bright color of the title that makes the eyes want to squint when reading through, the rest of the colors in this infographic are cool and not too much for the eyes. Considering that the presentation is not too detailed, it is easy to go through, but then there is still a lot of empty space that would have put into better use to balance out the content and overall look of the graphic. For the targeted audience, the presentation does deliver and is compelling to make them consider getting the payment model to enjoy its benefits.

info graphs about cjr