Facts About Registered Nurse Employment

The title of this infographic is splashed on it in such a way that it can’t be missed. Even before reading, though the presentation, the reader can tell what it will be all about and it is obvious that it is precisely done because the texts are not as much from top to bottom. It is a five-section display with each of the sections coming with a different color so distinguishing between them is quite easy. The blue color of the first section is most prominent highlighting the title and the topic is a creative way.

The other colors used in the sections that follow the first are soft to the eye so reading is easy. They are dull shades of purple, pink and brown. The sections are well balanced in terms of how the information they contain is structured. The images are few, small in size, but quite relevant for the titles they represent. They are simple signs and symbols, but their simplicity does not in any way rob the presentation of its value. They actually serve their purpose without drawing too much attention.

The content of the infographic is helpful as it gives a quick sneak peek on registered nurse career. Readers who are interested in the career path get to quickly know what the roles of a registered nurse are, how the employment market looks like, wages in the different areas of the industry and the top-rated paying states. There is however too much empty space in the presentation, but considering that this makes the details spread out apart, reading through the display is easy, fast and enjoyable. Chances of readers getting bored are very low and at the end of the day, it would have served its purposes to individuals interested in becoming registered nurses.

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Source: nursesalaryguide.net