Do you Forex? Some Interesting Facts

Looking at the infographic the reader can easily tell that it wastes no time as it goes right into the 15 facts about Forex market. The pink color dominating it attracts the eye and works very well in maintaining attention to the very end. It is, however, a little bright for the eyes especially if you look at it for a few seconds longer. At the very top are the different currency symbols which are very relevant considering that the topic is all about forex market where the different currencies are traded.

The ‘15’ is circled and the runs down to the fact numbers which kind of create a linked chain from one fact to the next. Each fact number is also accompanied by a relevant image of what it’s about; they together work to create some harmony in the display. Each fact notably starts with percentage or a figure and they are all in pink color just like the numbering. This is then followed by brief details of the fact. The presentation is generally very pleasant and offers a quick read but delivering the point at the same time.

Also notable in the texts within the facts is that the major words are done in a warm shade of blue maybe to ensure that readers do not miss them. Each fact has at least two words in blue and they do make very good breaks even though breaking is not all that necessary.

Considering that this is a 15 fact infographic, you would expect it to be very long. But on the contrary it is not as long; space has been used up very well so readers do not get bored just by looking at the length. On the overall, it is a display that has been executed successfully.

graphic charts about forex