COVID-19 and the Bridging Finance Sector

This infographic aims at presenting information on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the bridging finance sector in UK during 2020.

Layout and Design

The layout is rather simple. At the top, the reader can find a title and a short explanatory sentence which introduces the topic. They are both placed inside an eye-catching black frame.

The artwork consists of seven different sections. And each of them is separated from the others with a horizontal or vertical line.

All information in each one of the sections is presented with the help of a pie chart, a bar graph or a line graph.

Both the background color and the colors that are used in all graphs and texts are very friendly to the eye of the reader. The fact that combinations of the same colors are used throughout add to design’s consistency.


The contrasting black frame at the top helps draw the reader’s attention to the title. The title itself is written in a color that is not used elsewhere in the infographic. And this helps the title stand out.

The fonts that are used in all texts are easy-to-read. And this saves the reader time.  At the same time, someone that is familiar with reading graphs can very quickly and easily go through all the information that is presented.

There is, however, one thing the creator of the artwork could have done in order to further boost its readability; add some black spaces between the different sections.


The infographic includes several graphs and very little text. And this allows for the reader to access some useful information in just a few moments. Some blank spaces, however, could have made it friendlier to the eye of the reader.

infographic about covid-19 and the bridging finance sector